Container Stuffing & Unstuffing

Being a mover as well as transporter of almost anything, the service of “container stuffing and unstuffing” is naturally included as part of Huge Heavy’s business foray.

We stuff and unstuff cargoes into and from containers of any type, be it General purpose, open top, flatrack or even reefer. Normal straight forward jobs would be handled by our warehouse staffs while more difficult ones would be executed by our experienced movers. These stuffing and unstuffing jobs can be done at any job site or our yard, or at customer’s appointed premises. Being an equipment owner ourselves, Huge Heavy is able to perform such jobs without engaging equipment from third party, hence lowering down costs for all. Years of experience in doing such jobs have also allowed us to analyse the nature of cargoes such that the safest, yet most economic way of securing them inside containers can be put in place.

We are mindful of consolidating and accountability of customer’s cargo during the stuffing and/or unstuffing process, thus reducing the possibility of missing cargo. Over the years we have integrated a system to ensure safety and to mitigate the possibility of damages during the stuffing and unstuffing process as well as during transit to the destination.

What We Can Offer To You

  • Temporary warehousing for machinery, fittings and your tools.
  • Un-crating service
  • Disposal of unwanted debris
  • Delivery/distribution of goods to final destination
  • Labours to unstuffin/stuffing the goods into/from container.
  • Transport from port to northern region or interstage.
  • Unstuff from container, flatrack or reefer.
  • Lifting or mover service to relocate the stuff to the installation ground.
  • Installation of machinery
Forklift unstuffing
Unstuffing container

To learn more about our stuffing & unstuffing services customized to your needs, contact Huge Heavy at 016-5550144.