Skylift are well known as aerial platform or telescopic boom lift as well. It consisted of bucket and control console in the bucket which can easily operated by operator themselves to access the desired height and exact location.

Common safe load weight of the bucket is 200kg ~ 300kg. Working range vary from 14 meters, 20 meters, 24 meters, 26 meters, 30 meters, 35 meter, 38 meters, 40 meters, 45 meters to 55 meters depended on job requirement. Skylift are of different sizes and working range, depending on the type of work schedule and construction work at hand. More so, skylift are bulky machineries and very expensive too. Owning to that, it’d make more sense to rent one instead of purchasing one. The reason being that purchasing a particular skylift, just because you have one specific job to be done and never use it again isn’t a good idea. What of other type of skylift aside from skylift that’s required for other jobs? Would you end up purchasing all of them? Renting a crane is the safest route to go when different projects require different type of skylift.

Hiring a skylift is not an ordinary hire, as there are safety concerns to be considered aside the financial concerns. When renting a skylift or any other type of skylift in Perak Malaysia, you should look out for crane rental companies that are provide competent operator and fit machines which are recognize by Department of Occupational Safety and Health.

Remember, the main reason you’re renting a crane is to safe money in the long run. Make sure to ask all the available questions about the services of any rental company you choose to work with. Some of the questions you can ask are:

  • – Do they offer long-term equipment renting?
  • – Do they inspect the machines after each rental for safety reasons?
  • – What kinds of machines are made available?
  • – How do you handle the maintenance of the crane?
  • – Who handles the insurance?

At Huge Heavy Machinery, safety is a top priority. We have Zero tolerance to unsafe act and unsafe condition. We’re always concerned about the safety of every employee and people surrounding the work place.And we’re more than ready to answer all your questions regarding our machinery rental services.

Our pricing is very competitive and in accordance with crane rental industry expectations. In addition, our skylift, as well as, other types of cranes are of high quality and in good shape. We deliver the best of crane rental services in Perak Malaysia to assist you with your construction projects as per your work schedule. We handle everything from maintenance to the operation of the cranes. You absolutely have nothing to worry about when renting with us.

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