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Low Loader

Low Loaders are semi-trailers, which are always hired by individuals or companies that engage in construction works to move heavy equipment like bulldozers, industrial equipment etc. from one location to another. A low loader is a very useful trailer in equipment transportation in the construction industry. And if you’re thinking of hiring a low loader in Perak for your construction projects – then think Huge Heavy Machinery.

Low loaders have 2 drops in deck height, unlike other normal trailers; one drop is just before the wheels, while the other drop is positioned after the gooseneck. This makes for the deck of the semi-trailers to be exceedingly low when compared side by side with other normal trailers. The low deck offers the flexibility of carrying loads which is taller in height that other trailers cannot carry. There is another advantage from safety aspect as well due to its lower gravity center which is the major concern for certain good transportation.

You may also request for an escort team to ensure the safe transportation & traffic all the way down to unload location.

Types of Low Loaders

There are various types of low loaders depending on the type of construction equipment to be transported, stipulated below.

Fixed Neck – This type of low loader is where the neck is attached to the trailer. It has very light weight, however, does not allow for detaching and loading over the front.

Fixed Gooseneck –offers a longer length in terms of deck. These semi-trailers are very much lower, and comes with low profile tires as well. The way the neck is curved, it acts as a romp when lowered, which allows for the front tires of the machinery to be loaded aboard the deck.

Hydraulic Detachable Gooseneck – These are very common low loaders and the goosenecks are very easy to detach using a big hydraulic cylinder that raises and lowers the trailer. However, the easy detachable gooseneck comes at the expense deck length, as well as, weight.

Mechanically Detachable Gooseneck – Quite the opposite of Hydraulic detachable gooseneck; does not allow for speed and ease of detaching. Have a longer deck, and are used for very long haulages.

The reason why low loaders are hired from rental companies like Huge Heavy Machinery is because it’s cost effective, and the repairs and maintenance of this loaders are borne by the rental company. You can’t just go and buy a low loader because you have some heavy equipment to transport – that would be totally senseless.

Builders and contractors of roads, as well as, other properties make use of various types of low loaders to transport their equipment, depending on the type of haulages to be done.


Many benefits come with using low loaders for your construction jobs, especially when you have different types of jobs ongoing at different sites. You can easily use low loaders to move your equipment from site to the other. And you don’t even need to hire an operator of low loader, as the rental company takes care of everything. At Huge Heavy Machinery, all our loader operators are seasoned operators and know the best ways to handle the semi-trailers, being careful not to damage the haulages in any way at all.

We also offer the rental of self loader truck with a hydraulic operated ramp at the end of truck. It enables the machine such as backhoe, excavator and lorry to drive up by itself and transport to unload location.

Contact us today for all your low loader rental requirements in Perak Malaysia.