Lorry Crane

Service trucks owners sometimes are not sure if installing a crane is really necessary to get work done effectively. When it comes to constructions industry and other related industries, even if there is no present need for lifting and loading heavy materials, lifting equipment like the crane truck is always a needed equipment, and you would be needing it one time or another. Truth is, the way heavy materials are currently moved around in such industries, it would be impossible for workers to move such materials, depending only on their own skills and strength. When it comes to crane truck rentals in Perak, Malaysia and surrounding area, Huge Heavy Machinery delivers excellent crane truck rental services for all the needed heavy lifting solutions for your construction works and project.

The Importance of Truck Crane (Lorry Crane)

A huge lifting equipment is very important to a lot of business for a good number of reasons, aside from preventing bodily injuries that might likely arise out of using one’s strength to lift heavy loads, it makes for the accomplishment of tasks more efficiently. For instance, when workers need to move heavy materials such as pipes, transformers, huge rolls of electric cables, etc., the use of a crane truck for such tasks is simply without equal and the most efficient way to get it done.

Truck Crane (Lorry Crane) is well known as cost effective and time saving choice for good transport, since it consist of self carry crane. You no need to worry about the availability or arrangement of both crane and lorry at upload location and unload location. One unit of truck crane (lorry crane) is good enough to handle the job, instead of extra two unit cranes at both location.

Teluk Intan-Crane
Ayer Tawar-Self Loader Crane

Available Choices

Every type of material to be moved requires its own type of crane lifting solution. And the relevance of this vehicle for such operations makes the procedures of choosing the particular one that is quite appropriate for the job at hand a very paramount decision. There are various available choices for crane lifting solutions, that is why, at Huge Heavy Machinery, we make sure to provide our clients the right solution that is best suited to their requirements. Below are some of the various types.

Telescopic Cranes mounted truck

This type of lorry crane is smaller in size and has a lower lifting capacity. Whenever the lifting capacity range from 1 tonnes to 3, then the telescopic crane model will be best fitted for the task. This type of crane consisted of extendable boom and lifting wire rope. It can lift the load in vertical direction.

Articulating Crane (Knuckle boom crane) mounted truck

This is the choice to opt for when lifting materials of more than 3 tonnes. Modern articulating crane trucks have a lot of benefits over the telescopic cranes. Aside from lifting greater capacity of loads, it enhances productivity, as well as, profitability. This type of crane consisted of main foldable boom and few extendable booms which can easily carry out lifting job in lower height and limited space. It is suitable for warehouse good & material handling.

At Huge Heavy crane rentals, we deliver high quality cranes trucks for your projects with all the needed maintenance and services. And if you’re not sure about the particular crane trucks that your project requires, we can help you decide.

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