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Mobile Cranes possibly are one of the most important brain child in the material handling, building and construction industry. These cranes make use of internal combustion engines and hydraulic systems to get jobs done effectively. It won’t be possible to carry out a host of construction works without the use of mobile cranes, as they make lifting and lowering of objects and materials quite easy.

Mobile crane can be in the form of truck-mounted cranes. This type of crane is positioned on the top of a truck, which allows for its movement from one place to another. Most of the time, they’re segregated into two parts; the upper part, as well as, the lower part. The upper part is the part that does all the lifting, while the lower is the carrier. The two parts are attached together with a rotator that allows for the movement of the upper half. Mobile crane trucks usually make use of hydraulic pumps for its operation.

Segari-Crane 50 Ton

Renting Will Keep You Peace Of Mind

One of the main advantages of hiring a mobile crane for your construction works or any project is that the transportation of the crane is very much easier. Nevertheless, because of certain restrictions stipulated by the law of the State, there might come a time when the crane needs to be dispersed so as to meet weight specifications. The counterweight is normally transported using a different truck in such situations. These types of cranes can lift materials ranging from 100 tonnes till 500 tonnes

TLDM-Crane 50 Ton
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What we take care for you?

The dangerous part with this type of crane is the risk of tipping over the materials being lifted due to swinging. Therefore, extreme care should be taken when lifting materials to avoid tipping them over.

When hiring mobile cranes services for your construction, building, and transportation works, it’s very paramount you check out the efficiency of the rental company, as well as, the type of cranes they house.

Sitiawan-Crane 50 Ton
Perak-Crane 50 Ton

Huge Heavy Machinery has over 20 years of experience and expertise in the crane and haulage industry, and supply high quality mobile cranes in Perak, Malaysia, as well as, provides excellent customer service for all our customers in the surrounding area.

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