Sitiawan-MS plate
Manjung-MS Plate

Concrete Block For Load Test

Enhance your vehicle safety and protect driveways with our mild steel plates. Suitable for soft soils and sand ground.

Made from quality-tested steel, we offer a wide range of mild steel plates for temporary track construction.

In case you are facing access problem for machinery to work site, please contact us and we will provide a solution for this!

Load Test Skid

We have various water pump for rental for emergency use. Our pump can use for normal water & sea water as well.

Fittings and other consumable will able to supply for the usage of pump.


Stagging rental for your project. Suitable for construction work, fabrication work and paiting work as well.

By renting from Us, you will save your time and cost to transport all the ways from your warehouse till the project site.

Rent with us today. Contact us Now!